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What medical skin care lines are being used and loved in your med spa?

Recently, I have been using Glymed products. Specifically their facewash, SPF30+, and Arnica Cream. I really like them and my clients love them and have returned for more. The SPF30+ contains Titanium 2%, finishes very matte and disappears without color change or whiteness.

One client is a commercial baker and gets burns on her wrists and hands regularly. I had her test a sample of the Arnica Cream. Three weeks have passed by and I saw her at the bakery and the first thing she did was show me her scars. The untreated burn was still angry and red but the others looked really healthy and almost like normal skin.

I am not a Glymed rep and I don't even work at this particular med spa anymore. Just wanted to pass my experience along.

Does anyone have any experience with the Obagi or Skin Medica line?
02.21 | Unregistered CommenterCANexpatRN

Cellcosmet is a fantastic line

05.31 | Unregistered Commenteradrisen

I liked the Glymed products, but in my area the rep said the locals Derms said they wouldn't buy more if they sold to any others in area. Obagi is a great line, esp when paired w/ retin-A; the blue-peel of theirs works great but is a bit messy. I carry the skin medica,but will be switching out to "skin-ceuticals"due to overlapping (but effective) products. I have had a good demand also for TNS recovery (one product), which people love an has a patented placental-derive hormone supposedly similar to HGH

I am a huge fan of Physiodermie. "Methode Physiodermie Geneva Switzerland" This product is a "cosme-ceutical" line specifically designed to penetrate into the subdermal layers and effectively alter / enhance the skins mechanismns. It just so happens to be free of syntheics. This is seriouse skin care and I have personally both experienced and witnessed real results in skin suffering rosacea, adult acne etc etc.

I use and promote Obagi in my office. My clients love the C-clarifying serum!
Also just started using D-Zit from dermamdskincare. Clients see great results

I am an Aesthetician in a Med-spa in Southern California. We use Obagi and iS Clinical. iS Clinical is by far my favorite new discovery as an Aesthetician. We went to their training seminar awhile back and not only did I fall in love with their product line but with the company as well. The Youth Eye Complex and the Active Serum are my go to products both in the treatment room as well as in my personal home care regimine. Love Love this line!!

ive been out of the loop for 4 years. i live in mexico now. can any one tell me the best newest line out there? mostly for the darker ethnic skin with the sundamage and the hyperpigmentation. also for acne. thank you

I own a medical spa and we sell SkinMedica, it is a great product, I also personally use it. It really works and you can actually see results. It has recently been featured on The Doctors and The View TV shows. They were raving about the Essential Serum. It is a great product, but I do have a bit of trouble selling it (retail is $250), but once people buy it, they usually purchase more. It is only a 30 day supply. All of the other products are great too, but SkinMedica does have a high price point, so some people are not interested when you tell them how much things are. You can offer this and another pharmaceutical line with a lower price point, without all the fancy packaging. We us SM for our back bar products and facials.

Does anyone else have experience with Gly Med Plus products? Do you really see results like they claim to do?

12.10 | Unregistered CommenterYDLC

I work with some products from Glymed. Ultragel is excellent for all skin conditions especially for patients with acne and oily skin. Purifying cleanser is also an excellent product, it cleans without dehydrating the skin. Lactic 30% and the 50% are excellent mild peels that can be incorporated into a facial.

12.17 | Unregistered Commenterrose l.

I recently went to purchase some SkinMedica and they said my account had been inactivated because its been a while since I ordered and the opening order had to be $3,000. Young Pharmacy who now seem to want to offer all the Plastic Surgeons in this area there own "branding" by Private Labeling only want to deal with you if you have a minimum order of 10,000 per year. Maybe I am being paranoid but it seems increasing difficult to offer just a few products of each line and mix products around to give you clients variety. I really only want to deal with companies that let me order when I want and how much I want. I enjoy dealing with many vendors for this very reason including Topix , Elta MD, Neocutis and Albissa Clinical Skin Care. If you know of a great line and COMPANY please let me know.

02.14 | Registered Commenterskin101

I've been using and working with Gly Med for almost 10 years. They have an awesome skin care line. And yes, I have gotten amazing results on myself and on my clients as well. Great corporate support and customer service. Definitely recommendable!

02.27 | Unregistered Commentercynth

I like Theraderm, and so do our clients. Results based products that aren't too expensive. No minimums that I'm aware of. Best prices by ordering 6 of each. They make a 2 week travel kit for purchase or give away for the client to try first. .

02.28 | Unregistered Commenterlaserazer

ZO. Is Dr.Obagi's line. (He isn't affiliated with "obagi" anymore)

04.16 | Unregistered Commenteranonymous

GM Collin has a great line both retail and professional along with a new MD line. Awesome. Clients love the products and come back for them.

01.27 | Unregistered CommenterLori An

There are so many facial products on the market, all with fantastic claims of what they can do for your skin. How do you go about choosing a line that is within a reasonable price range for your clients and yet does a good job.
Thank you for you help on this.

Has anyone had experience with Rhonda Allison?

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