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Survey Results: What Are Cosmetic Clinics Interested In?

What are cosmetic clinics looking for? Here's what they said.

A little while ago we emailed a survey to a few hundred physicians to try and understand what topics they were most interested in. (If you were one of the clinicians who responded; thank you.)  While some of the findings seem pretty straightforward. There were a few things that were suprising.

Below are the questions, response percentages, and some thoughts. Note: Not all responeses were from the same physician base.

What information are you most interested in?

No big suprise here. Most clinics think that they do a great job on clinical care and services, a passable job on business operations, but want to know how to get more patients. 


Would you pay for access to new staff (nonclinical) training programs?

Example: An online beginning training course for new staff members; sales, consultations, marketing, customer service, etc.

New staff onboarding is always problematic. Most clinics are small and just throw new staff into the mix to learn on the job, but that inroduces lots of slop in the system. We're going to look at how we might provide some services that help small (and big) clinics implement real operational systems.


Would you consider paying for an operations manual that you could customize to your clinic?

An editable operations manual that allows you to have written procedures for every appointment, job, and task in your clinic.

This question goes hand in hand with the question above. Clinic operations is often a week point and many physicians want an 'office manager' to just handle everything. (Read the free embezzlement and employee theft scams report to see how this can work out.)


Would you consider paying a flat fee of $399/month to have access to ongoing (and unlimited) marketing and advertising resources for your clinic?

For anyone answering yes to this question, check out Tea & Muffins or Frontdesk Marketing who provide advertising, marketing and design services for cosmetic clinics and advertise on this site.


The survey we sent out was in direct response to a number of inboud inquiries requesting some of these services. Knowing if there's real demand allows us to focus on providing information that's actually of use to our members (you). 

So, it looks like there's a fair amount of interest in all of the info/services above, and it's probably worth the effort to souce or find reputable businesses that can provide them. 

Note: If you're business that feels that you can address these areas, please contact us on our parnters page and let us know what you're offering.

Reader Comments (3)

Number one on pretty much any survey you send out is going to be 'getting more patients' but most physicians/clinics should really focus on making the ones they have happy. It's much easier to get more patients when you have your entire patient population working on your behalf.

I agree with the comment above, but I'll tell you that I need some help on actually managing certain parts of the business. The 'manual' question that could be customized as well as the 'training' are really something that I'd be interested in if there were companies that provided these services. (NOTE: NOT the bugger 'consultants' who couldn't run their own clinic and now want to just gouge you.)

06.16 | Unregistered CommenterDallas Doc

I just wanted to comment that the these reports are very helpful and useful. Three weeks ago I read the employee theft one and I was immediately able to recognize why I had an uneasy feeling about an individual. We made the changes needed and have cleaned up some operations that put us at risk. I am of the opinion that I'd probably lost more than $30,000 a year for a while.

While I can't recover that money or prove anything. I'm at least forwarned and it's not going to be happening again. It's amazing what people will do if they feel they're safe.

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