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Solta: Thermage & Fraxel > Fraxel, Thermage or Fillers for under eye wrinkles?

I am a 37 yr old woman with some sun damage but my main concern is under eye wrinkles. I have heard suggestions from Botox and Fillers to THermage or Fraxel. I have heard pro's and con's for each. I currently have an appt for the Fraxel procedure but after reading several posts, I am not sure this would be my best bet for the wrinkles under my eyes. Also if anyone has had the Fraxel treatment done, how long did you experience reddening of your face?

Thank you!

11.12 | Unregistered Commentercakb007

It's not quite as simple as that. One has to analyze the anatomy of your eyelid area and determine the main causes of your appearance concerns, and then treat the anatomic issues with the most appropriate agents.

For example: if you look fine when your face is calm & relaxed, but have prominent "crow's feet" when smiling...then Botox is a reasonable treatment for these "dynamic" expression lines.

If you have a prominent diagonal groove running from the inside corner of the eye, down towards the side of the nose, curving around towards the cheek bone - known as a "tear-trough" or "naso-jugal groove", then fillers may be entirely appropriate.

If the main issue is one of texture, or fine-lines and wrinkles at rest, some form of resurfacing treatment may be indicated.

If there are prominent fat pads or skin excess, you may best benefit from a blepharoplasty.

So, really - you need a personal consultation. Hope that helps - Best wishes.

11.12 | Unregistered CommenterTF

Thank you! I am thinking that Botox will be my best bet. I have not had an offical consultation yet but I did speak to someone (in person) at a plastic surgeon's office. The woman did not seem to think I needed a filler. After reading your response, I agree. The lines under my eyes are prominent when smiling only.

11.20 | Unregistered Commentercakb007

I have same issue as you....I'm 41 and when I smile I have lines under my eyes (dynamic) that are not there at rest. I'm also looking at options. Email me with the plan of action you take, I'd love to hear how it goes and see before and after pictures.

11.24 | Unregistered CommenterSue

I am thinking about Fraxel. I will wait until after the holidays, just in case I have more reddness and peeling than expected. I will definately let you know what I decide to do and show you before and after pics. I did see actual before and after pictures of patients that tried the "plasma" facial and I was not impressed. I still noticed ALOT of redness in the patients in the 6 months after pics, and the results looked very minimal to have to walk around red in the face for such a long period!

12.12 | Unregistered Commentercakb007

What is fraxel? Is this a newer technology? Is it similiar to dermal planing
What is it really used for?

12.29 | Unregistered CommenterJC

Fraxel is the first machine for skin resurfacing that is done "fractionally" It has been around for about 2 years now. Traditionally, skin resurfacing as in CO2 or Erbium has caused much "downtime" of 2 weeks or more. This apparently becomes unacceptable thus the procedure not widely received by the public. In fractional skin resurfacing, only a fraction of the overall skin surface (~25%) is treated at a time,leaving the rest(75%) intact thus providing an overall intact surface thus minimizing downtime to almost nothing, relatively speaking.

01.2 | Unregistered Commenterpmdoc

For lines over the lower eyelids, I have been doing intra-dermal botox to my patients and the results have been remarkable, abeit it has to be repeated every 3 months or so.

For the last few months, I have started using fractional co2 laser, the downtime is acceptable at 7 days. It is much better than Fraxel. This view is held by quite a few doctors who commented that 1 treatment is as good as 6 times of Fraxel.

Try to search under fractional co2 laser on the net and you may be surprised.

01.31 | Unregistered Commenterdr stephen

I had a Pearl treatment. It sounds similar to Fraxel. Is that right?
I had a severe sunburn type situation for several days...then my skin "sloughed" off. It was painful (as a severe sunburn can be) for the first two days. I certainly didn't want to go out in public.
As for results, I would say the texture of my skin is better (feels softer), but it didn't do much for wrinkles and lines. My doctor suggested a partial treatment around my mouth, but I'm not sure it is worth it on a cost/benefit basis.
I have used Botox around my eyes for crow's feet. That has been very good, as has Restalyne around my mouth. However, the small wrinkles seem resistant to treatment...

02.2 | Unregistered CommenterCindy

Pearl is techinically an Erbium device. Erbium in general is not considered to have a "collagen tightening" effect important in getting rid of deeper wrinkles. If you are a light skin Caucasian, go for CO2 laser for wrinkles around your mouth. The only other one close to a CO2 effect is the Rhytec Plasma but make sure the treating doctor is very proficient with it, experience-wise. Good Luck

02.2 | Unregistered Commenterpmdoc

Dr. Stephen:
On another post, I asked you how you are able to safely do fractional CO2 on Ftz III-IV??? What do you need to do before, during and after to minimize PIH??? Thanks. What kind of Joules, Pulse Width, Spot size and # of treatments also??? Thanks. I don't personally have on but would love to learn more from someone like you

02.2 | Unregistered Commenterpmdoc


I have the Sciton erbium which you can add coagulation thus adding heat and contraction of collagen. I have used it with very nice results in the perioral region as well as the eyes. You have less risk of hypopigentation with the erbium.

02.2 | Unregistered CommenterLH


What is your periorbital protocol? I have tried Kent Remington's method, as well as 60-70 ablate pass 1 plus 60-70 ablate with 25-50 coag pass 2 plus 60-70 ablate pass 3. I have also tried Pozners' 80-90 ablate/50 coag times 2 passes protocol. I have seen OK results, but none as good as co2.

What is your protocol?


02.2 | Unregistered Commenterkc

I don't have an Erbium system neither. By the way, Kent Remington also has the Lumines ActiveFx now too. Honestly, if I invest in a skin resurfacing device now, I would go with the Co2, preferrably if I can safely do it on Ftz III and IV.

02.2 | Unregistered Commenterpmdoc

I will go 250microns total. First pass at 100microns and second pass at 50microns. First 2 passes without coag. Clean the area after each pass with sterile water. Last pass 100 microns and 50 of coag. You can watch the skin shrink in front of your eyes. We have seen very nice results with this.

Of course, I would only do on Fitz I to III. Also, leaves the ability for variability. Pts with very thin skin, I would not go as deep but a younger person with thicker skin you may be able to go as deep as 350microns.

I have done Remington's and Pozner's but do not feel you have the long term results unless you do the same patient multiple times. If you go 250 microns or more they will have 7 to 14 days of down time and redness that may last a few months. I am not sure why Pozner does coag on each pass. In theory the second pass is ablating all of the skin that you just heated up with the coag.

I do think the fractional CO2 does have some positives. Most of the women in my area work so it is difficult to get a lot of women that are willing to put up with the downtime. I am still hearing that the fractionated CO2's have a fair amount of downtime. I will continue to watch but for me I refuse to spend over $100,000 on the Active FX. It is old technology and should not cost that much. The Reliant system is overpriced as well. I think they said $130,000 plus $400 consumables each time you use it. You have to sell a lot of resurfacing to make up for that. I am getting tired of taking all of my time to pay the laser companies.

I am hoping that Sciton will make their Profractional with coag. This would allow me to have similar results to the fractionated CO2. Then I would think about purchasing the Profractional as long as they do not increase the price.

02.3 | Unregistered CommenterLH

deep fx and reliant's repair and even the mixto will achieve 700- 1000 um !!!! papillary and reticular dermal layers . excellent heat deposition and safety profile; real neocollagenasis based on histology slides published by chan. et al. in aslms. 39:96-107 (2007). fractional co2 will still beat any erbium fractional or otherwise on result while down time is still 4-6 days.

02.3 | Unregistered Commenterdimal

What kind of downtime if any do you get with your protocol???

02.3 | Unregistered Commenterpmdoc


Anytime you penetrate over 700 microns you will get neocollagenesis no matter what you use. You can even get some just by needling the skin. So I am not impressed that you get neocollagenesis on histology as just about every company tries to show this on their histology studies. I agree that the gold standard is the CO2 and I like the idea of the fractionated CO2 but I am not sold it is worth the $100,000. So I am still watchfully waiting.

I want to see the long term results. I have a hard time believing you get a lot of skin tightening in one treatment when you only treat a small percentage of the skin and that is the difference between the erbium and CO2. If you only treat 20% of the skin and you have some tightening of the skin only in that 20% of area treated you have a very small amount of skin tightening and is it noticeable? I hope it is because if I can get significant tightening of the skin with improved tone texture etc with only 4 to 6 days of downtime I am in.

I did read one article (sorry I could not find it tonight) that showed a significant loss of the tightening of the skin after a CO2 resurfacing at about 18 months. So the question has to be how long do the results last. Patients are willing to pay for lasting results. Look at 30% TCA peels you get very nice results with about 5 to 6 down days at minimal cost but the results do not last. The patient will need re-treatment somewhere around 6 to 18 months. Even Dr. Obagi admits he will have to repeat the TCA pell no later than around 2 years. I just talked to him at a conference.

I also question the downtime only being 4 to 6 days. I did a few erbium fractionated treatments and the deepest I went was 350 microns and 5% coverage. These patients had 4 to 6 days of downtime. So I am interested in anyone elses experience with fractionated CO2. What was the TRUE downtime not what the company tells you. The difference may be that with the fractionated CO2 you do not have the bleeding as the bleeding was an issue with the erbium. It took a couple of days just to see the tiny blood clots clear. You would not have the pinpoint bleeding with the CO2 but in theory the swelling and the redness will last longer secondary to the heat generated by the CO2.

I am just being the devil's advocate and looking at both sides. I am just waiting for the hype produced by the companies to subside. As we all know the companies produce a lot of hype so they can sell their lasers and many times they do not deliver. It is only when the initial company driven hype has died down and a significant number of docs have been using the fractionated CO2's that we will see the true results and know how long they will last. We have seen this with the Fraxel. It was hyped as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was a good start but as we all know (at least those of us who own one) we wish it offered more.


They will have about 1 week of true downtime and than be able to apply makeup. I have been doing these about 6 months and so far so good. The results seem to last. I tried the other protocols and saw nice initial results but they did not have the staying power.

02.4 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I am considering fraxel for sun damage, brown spots and eye wrinkles. I am contemplating if I should pursue treatment for deeper wrinkles around my mouth area. I don't really have the desire or $ to invest in botox every 3-4 months, and wonder if there is another treatment that may be out there or is being developed that is safe produces longer term results.

02.9 | Unregistered Commentersg

Hi, I have 3 skin type, am 39 and have lots of sundamage. I have been looking for the best treatment for two years now and have decided on the Active FX - CO2 laser. Can anyone tell me what countrys this new device is available in. I live in Queensland, Australia and I have been told it will not be available here for a year or so. Thanks

02.13 | Unregistered CommenterCLS

Hi, Could someone please help explain in easy terms the differences between Mixto SX micro-fractional CO2 laser and Active FX fractional CO2 laser. I would like to give this a go, but cant see which one could be the better machine for results, as downtime is not as important. Also pain factor? Longterm benefits? Thanks.

02.20 | Unregistered Commenterleanne

The Fraxel re:pair gets deeper (1.6mm) and more coverage (up to 70%) than the Mixto (0.7 and 25%) or the Deep Fx (1mm, 30%). Around the eyes, it shouldn't matter much because you are using low settings, but other places, it can make a difference. I don't know about pain difference. Longterm affects has only been studied in the Fraxel re:pair - they have 2 years of data and the other 2 have minimal data.

pmdoc , LH,

Sorry I have been drawn to another post and not noticing your comment here. I have pretty much outlined responses to your questions there.

On skin III and IV skin, so far I have not got any problem with PIH. on:
Energy: 30-40mJ, Density: 120MTZ/cm2 2 passe, even on peri-orbital skin. In fact I had some nice results with tightening the peri-orbital skin after just 1 treatment. I wish I can show you the before and after pictures here. I am updating my web site and I shall let you know soon.

LH, it really is possible to get significant tightening of the skin with improved tone texture etc with only 4 to 6 days of downtime. Just get the chances to try the machines and you will see. I am more lucky to get hold of the much less expensive Korean version here in Hong Kong. No, I agree I won't pay 100000 to 150000 for the Lumenis or fraxel re:pair.

I really don't get it when the fraxel re:pair quote "up to 70% coverage". Why is it necessary? You are doing 70% of a full face resurfacing! From my calculation of 0.12mm*0.12mm * 125MTZ * 2 passes it is a merely 3.6%!! Yet the tightening is there. May be it is due to continual collagen remodelling that follows. May be this is another reason why I don't have any PIH. I do think the density or % coverage is more important in causing PIH than the energy itself. I tried with only 10mJ but 500MTZ on a small area on my assistant(Type IV), and there is a mild PIH. I therefore stick to < 250 MTZ, usually 125MTZ, since then.

04.29 | Unregistered Commenterdr stephen

I am the original "post-er". ;) I am still nervous about going through with the fraxel but did find someone that performed botox injections under the eye. I am not happy. I was told that I would see little to no wrinkles after these injections. Not only do I still have the under eye wrinkles but now I have a small swollen area under each eye. It almost looks like bug bites or something. THe lump or swollen area looks even worse with lack of sleep or heavy sleeping on one side. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get rid of this problem? I feel like trying to fraxel to see if this improves the area but am concerned that it might worsen the problem. I just hope I do not have to wait until the botox is completely out of my system to get rid of these crazy lumps that actually make me tired all the time!

05.6 | Unregistered Commentercakb007

Hello cakb007: Your lumps will go away. Don't worry! Give your botox time to perform. Alot of times this takes 4 to at least 2 weeks. I know they didn't tell you that, right?

cak007: I'm sorry it's not 4 weeks it's 4 day till 2 weeks.


Those bags are from the botox working (an unintended adverse effect). Sometimes when you relax the orbicular oculi muscle under the eye, you get these bags. Under the eye botox is probably not for you. Would yo mind telling me how old you are?

The bags are causes by fluid accumulation. Usually the fluid is pushed into the tear duct by the muscular activity of this muscle. When the muscle is relaxed, the fluid accumulates (much like edema in the legs when you have incompetitant vein valves). You will have to manually message this area a few times per day until the Botox wears off.

How many units of Botox were used under each eye?

Additionally, sometimes those lines are from loose and crepe' skin. Botox will not help these type of lines (CO2, Erbium or Thermage would be best). Also, sometimes these lines are caused by the Cheeks moving up when you smile. If this is the case, Botox will not help these type of lines either. To tell the difference, smile and then squint. The squint lines will improve, the smile lines caused by the cheeks moving up may not improve.

Dr. Stephen, what is you Prtotocol for Botox under the eye and do you agree with my above comments? Do you ever use more than one unit under each eye? Have you had the "fluid bag" complication?

I always tell my patients that the lines under the eyes can be difficult with Botox and they may not improve. I tell them that if they like the effect, we will continue to treat there, but if they don't like it, we will not continue to inject under the eye. They seem to understand. I also demonstrate the smile/squint difference.

Everyone, Is anyone doing IPL treatments under the eyes for dark circles caused by pigment? What IPL are you using, what settings are you using, how many treatments do you do? Is there any downtime? How do you protect the eyes? How are your results? What changes in protocol do you use for skin type 4 and 5, for asians and darker latins?

07.19 | Unregistered CommenterJEE

Thanks for the response. I believe you are correct about the accumulation of fluid. It seemed to look the worst after a night of drinking and not much sleep. ;) Either way, it was not attractive. I have since had my first treatment with the Fraxel. The procedure was done a week ago. The day after I had some swelling, not bad though. I just looked a little sleepy/ Days 2 and 3 I had the bronze look which was not bad either, looked like a nice golden tan. Beginning day 3 I started to peel but was able to cover that up with a good moisturizer and a cream foundation. I have noticed SOME improvement in my under eye area but not as much as I had hoped. I am going to wait a couple weeks and possibly schedule a second treatment. THanks so much for your response. (oh and btw, I am 37yrs old - to answer your question)

07.29 | Unregistered Commentercakb007

I had the same problem with botox under the eye and it was exactly like you described. My eyes were completely swollen. It is now 4 months ago since I had the botox and I have much more wrinkles under the eye than I had before. I am really angry about the doctor as she did not tell me anything about the risk and I think she used far too much. I had now two Lymphatic massages for my face and this made it a little better. I am 41 and I really want to do something for my eye wrinkles as they make me 10 years older.

12.29 | Unregistered CommenterAndrea


Are you sure it was Botox and not a filler like Restylane or Juvederm. You usually do not see much swelling from Botox and then it is very short lived. The fillers can cause "swelling" under the eyes. If it was one of the fillers like restylane or Juvederm she can remove it using something called hyaluronidase.

If it was Botox, it may just not have been placed in the right spot. Everyone is a little different and you may be recruiting muscles. I would go back to the physician and see what she thinks. The only way to be sure of what is going on is to go in and talk to her again. She then would be able to either correct it or not make the same mistake again.

If you are really trying to do something about the wrinkles you may want to do some resurfacing.

12.29 | Unregistered CommenterLH

HI I want to know about 3d fractional laser..I had it few months 8 months back...but I did,nt see any diefference..from the day I had it...same skin...same skin problems I m 34 years old what should I do make my skin glowing n no laugh lines or some fine lines appearing arround the eyes coz 3d fractional was not of any help from the first day..Plz guide me the best treatment for my skin...

02.2 | Unregistered Commentermaha

I had botox 5 days ago. I had it over my eyebrows, several different places on my forehead, on my 11's, crowsfeet, and under my eyes. I am 29 years old. I was told that the botox under my eye would help with the bags and make me look less tired. I now look like i have double bags under my eyes. I look ten years older. Im not kidding. I look very tired and washed out. It looks much worse when I smile. Is this something that will improve in a week or will it be this way until the botox wears off? I read on another site if you go to sauna and take steamy hot showers that will help the botox to wear down. Before i had the botox my bags bothered me. What is my best recommendation?

02.23 | Unregistered CommenterDRE


Hopefully it will get better over the next few weeks. Botox takes 2-3 weeks to reach max efficacy. The side effects usually wear off faster than the good effects (ie. droppy eyelid). How many units did you get under each eye? Sometimes when the obicularis occuli muscle is relaxed under the eye, it does not perform its function of pumping fluid up to the nasal system for drainage. Fluid accummulates and you get "bags". You may have to message this area manually until the Botox wears off. Message the area up and towards the upper nose between the eyes a few times each day (especially in the morning). Let us know how things turn out. Remember, Botox always wears off and you will return to normal. Usually this compication happens in older patients with laxity under the eys. Maybe you got too many units under each eye. Ask your doctor about neosynephrine eye drops.


02.24 | Unregistered CommenterJEE


Okay. I went back to see her today to show her what the bags looked like. My eyes have watered really bad and it seems at times to have a film like substance over the right eye. I cant see it but i can feel it and it makes my vision cloudy. She told me she put two units underneath. She wanted to add a little more on the outer parts thinking that may make it better. I told her I felt that would just make one huge bag under them. So she said shed call the botox line and see what they say. I asked if there were any eye drops, creams, or anything to help. She said there was something you inject that would reverse it. I think it was like tocin or something. Cant remember what the name is. However it will reverse all the botox. She said she didnt know how much it would reverse the eyebrows and forehead but the crowsfeet would be back. I asked if the side effect of that was a very slack face and she said no but some people thought that it made their whole face droopy because they got used to the botox. Is that true or can it really make your face draw down? She said shed get back to me after she talked to them. No word yet. I asked my pharmacist about the eye drops and he is looking into it for me. I also mentioned them to the botox administrater. Do you think I should reverse it or wait a wk or so and see if it gets better? What have you seen in the past to happen? Please help!

02.25 | Unregistered CommenterDRE


Give it two weeks without doing anything other than neosynephrine eye drops.
More Botox will make things worse (if you have what I think you have).
There is nothing that I know of to inject.

02.25 | Unregistered CommenterJEE


I agree with JEE. Just hold on and let it go away. I am not sure about your injectionist and her understanding of the anatomy. As far as I know, there is nothing out there that can be injected to reverse Botox.

The answer to your other question is that the face should not look droopy if the injections are done correctly. I have pts that I have been injecting for 5 years and they do not look droopy or drawn down. they look good. You need to always remember that people still age even when having these procedures performed.

02.25 | Unregistered CommenterLH

Well, she didnt call me back to let me know what they could give me whether it was the eye drops or a cream to put on my lower eyelids. So my guess is that ill have to call or show up at her office on friday. Which is the next day she is in. I was really wanting to have the eyedrops called in so i could try them. The pharmacist mentioned a under eye cream that is made from straight caffeine. Whats your theory on this? I cant remember the name of the stuff she said would reverse it. She said she had used it before on people when they said that their forehead was too tight. It is an injection though and the botox co over nights it to the dr office. Im not letting her put extra botox to try to even it out. I look so old and tired and my eyes physically make me tired. The droopy effect that i was talking about is the reverse botox injection. I dont want to do that without knowing the side effects. Today made a week since I had it done. I will wait it out another week before doing anything if you truly think that is best. So you think that possibly this is just the botox settling in and it will be better soon? Or do you think that it will be like this until the botox wears off unless I do something? In the future what should I do to get rid of the bags and wrinkels? I am 29, naturally light blonde, blue eyes, and freckles. I do tan well. If i didnt get out into the sun I would be considered fair skin probably. Thank you both so much for your timely responses. This has been one stressful deal.

02.25 | Unregistered CommenterDRE

Well, she called me back and they are going to call me some eye drops in that are supposed to be stronger than what Jee mentioned. Along with that I am to take prednisone for like 5 to 7 days. Starting with 6 pills one day, then 5, then 4 and so on. She said the botox allergen place recommended this to be done for the next week opposed to the injections that reverse the botox. They also said it would reverse the botox in my forehead and every where else i had it. I would also not be able to get botox for 8 weeks if I had those injections to reverse. So this is the route I am going with this for the next week. I am still putting cold compresses on them and massaging every morning. I still would like to know about the caffeine cream under eyes. Any thoughts on this new course of action as well as my post yesterday would be appreciated. Thanks.

02.26 | Unregistered CommenterDRE

I am 45, non-smoker and some sun damage. I have always looked alot younger that my age but in the last years I 've developed fine lines around my eyes. I had deep fx/active fx done 6 weeks ago. The doctor also said he would remove two moles at the same time. My moles were flat immediately after the procedure but are back as if nothing ever happened. Likewise I can't see a difference in the fine lines around my eyes or on my forehead, nor does anyone else I know. Should I see results by this point?

04.4 | Unregistered Commenteredn

Im 35 yrs old and I had Affirm CO2 treatments. I had a total of three treatments; one every 2 weeks. My under eye area which was not a problem area has lines that were never there before. They are calm when there is no movement but when I smile they are very visible. Is there anything I can do?

Hi, im a 30 yo guy. Last year i went to a plastic surgenn to get filler injections in my cheeks as i have weak cheek bones. The injections were located underneath my eyelids. After the procedure, i noticed swelling under my right eye which the doctor said will go away within a week or so. Its been a year now and although the swelling went down a bit, i stilll it looks like i have a small bag underneath my right eye only. Its really annoying and i dont know whats the best way to deal with this. any help??/

09.24 | Unregistered CommenterFeras

I am 52 years old and had thermage done on my face several yrs ago. There was NEVER any noticeable change in my face. We tried several more passes and no change. For the amount of pain and money if your skin is in good shape go for facials monthly and botox and some fillers.

I have had fraxel for under eye wrinkles done 3 times . My eyes are probably worse, NOT BETTER

01.23 | Unregistered CommenterEvelyna

Dr Stephen, Jee & LH,

Wow is the least I can say... After reading all these stories I am scared of everything except facials. I was considering Botox or maybe some type of resurfacing laser for the fine lines under my eyes created from smiling (not squinting) but I feel like it is not worth the $ because I have not heard any positives about removing wrinkles under the eyes. I am 27 years old and have been exposed to expressive amount of uv damage over the years which is probably why the fine lines are appearing so early. What is my best option at a young age for fine lines under the eyes. Also what is the best option to try and reverse some of the sun damage (meaning lost collagen and elasticity). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

02.12 | Unregistered CommenterAdam


This is where it is important to find a local physician that specializes in these procedures. They will direct you to the best options. Personally, I like to use a combination of resurfacing (I use both an erbium and fractional CO2 under the eyes) and Botox. The Botox will help relax the area prior to and during the healing process from the resurfacing.

02.14 | Unregistered CommenterLH

I had botox placed in the lower eyelid area for undereye wrinkles and it actually made my wrinkles look worse plus it made my eyes look saggy and baggy underneath - the sagging lasted a month or so but the undereye wrinkles are still there and actually look worse than before so now I don't know what to do about that. Any suggestions.

05.11 | Unregistered Commenterinthemood


It is all about where the Botox is placed. If the Botox is your concern then just give it time. For the wrinkles, I still believe resurfacing is the best choice unless it is bad enough to need surgical intervention.

05.11 | Unregistered CommenterLH

ohmygoodness ladies...
after having 2 positive experiences w/botox between the brows, i had botox placed undereye & it resulted in a COMPLETE & TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!! i LITERALLY looked like a distorted=faced person w/an extreme birth defect or something...VERY crypt keeper!! ended up pushing my under eye muscles down which in turn pushed all of the connected muslces down & ended up DISTROTING MY ENTIRE FACE!! I was unable to SMILE w/teeth showing...i am an actress (and print model, though i think that label sounds soooo superficial) however i want to stress the point, that i was a person who, in part, mademy living w/my face! as a result of a HORRIBLE BOTCHED BOTOX INJECTION, i ended up having to be in complete seclusion for about 4-5 months...i have pICTURES i'm happy to forward to anyone who emails me! absolutely horrible, i.e. the elephant man or something...thank GOODNESS my face has MOSTLY returned to its previous state (actually a year later, my smile is still not fully in tact, but w/out smiling i look mostly the same). i amSTILL on a quest to find whatever can help remove the lines from UNDER MY EYE AREA WHEN I SMILE. i am not as concerned w/crwo's feet, or any other superficial lines (i have minor ones that don't bug me)...however i have deep ridges under my eyes from my cheeks moving up (& loss of fat?) when smiling that i really really don't care for. i am dying to find SOMETHING for this, have considered fillers (restylane) however am unable to get any injections at the moment as we are trying to conceive. (can anyone inject FAT from your own body?????:) lol. HELP!
p.s. DON'T get botox! as much as i LIKED the results when it DID work (never took away the lines UNDER the eye, but softened them, under the eyes on the SIDES) which i liked- however when it didn't work (2 BAD EXPERIENCES- 1 WHERE MY FACE LOOKED TIGHT & slightly distorted- JUST from injections to the crow's feet area, & the 2nd, a TOTAL trajedy, where i looked like a circus freak...:( - sooo not worth it!

Francesca, I had the same exact experience with Botox. Was a complete nightmare! I also have the same problem of having lines when I smile but not in the resting state. Have you found anything to help??? Let me know. Thanks!!

10.12 | Unregistered CommenterAmalia

I am considering a single fx/active treatment for face/neck/decollete (all at one time) for the sole purpose of skin tightening on neck and chest and collogen plumping on the face. I would like to direct a couple of questions to edn who said she had deep fx/active fx done 6 weeks ago. Is your skin tone light, medium, or darker? How red did you get? How painful was it and what type of numbing agent did the physican use? Was the redness completely coverable with foundation during the second week or did the redness still show through? Any information you would care to share would be appreciated. Based on your results as you expressed them, I am not so sure I want to go through with the treatment. Thank you!

10.20 | Unregistered Commenterkatt

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