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Physician to Physician Discussions > Astanza Trinity vs Quanta Q-Plus C and T

I need help - I wonder about buying a laser for tattoo removal. I would be grateful for your experience with AstanzaTrinity and Quanta Q-Plus C and T. The specs look very similar, I wonder which to buy.


The first version of the Astanza Trinity was in fact the Q Plus C/T. Astanza no longer distributes that system and has since added two units to make up their "Trinity" as a package. The new system is comprised of another Quanta Systems Yag that is similar to the Q Plus A, but slightly under powered and the Wavelight Sinon Ruby laser. The Sinon has been distributed and dropped by a few other US manufacturers and distributors. The market presence is minimal and reviews range from great to poor. The most notable reviews are good results with risk of hypo pigmentation and a lot of down time and service needs. The Q Plus C is completely manufactured by Quanta Systems and has a proven track record with both results and stability. Of course service is a huge factor too. Quanta USA utilizes several factory trained professionals that blanket the country as a response team. Typical response is under 48 hrs. Astanza has only one Quanta trained service provider.

Feel free to contact me for any more information.

09.4 | Unregistered CommenterMike

It's great when laser salespeople make so many claims about a system they've never touched, sold, or us. These guys in Denver, in particular, are spectacular at bad-mouthing other companies and other systems and throwing in just enough things that seem to be true in order to make the lies look more real.

Customers that are interested in the Astanza Trinity should talk to the company that sells it to learn that perspective, and customers that are interested in other systems should talk to those representatives. Going line-by-line in response to falsehoods only provides credibility to the attacker.

Do your research. Talk to customers that do the procedure you are thinking about purchasing a machine for, and see what they say. See how satisfied real customers are, not what paid-by-the-commission salespeople say about the opposition.

Amelia, Astanza Laser

Here is my take. I think Quanta has great technology, I bought almost all my machines from Quanta BUT I will not do business with them again. When my brand new machines broke down, not once, but twice, two machines the Quanta/VaserShape and the Eterna Tower the salesman was quick to lash out at me. We had admittedly been close and he had got me a decent deal as I was buying almost everything from them. That said when things broke down the second time I was called by my salesman, who had initially claimed I had insulted several people at his company, some of which I never spoke to, and further told me of the CEO's personal issues and the fact he "called me despite that". I do not bring my personal life into business nor should a company, especially a CEO or a salesman on behalf of a CEO. After the second breakdown, this is only a few months after purchase and admittedly I like the equipment WHEN IT WORKS, he has the operations manager and my salesman call me. They literally baited me into a conversation that unbeknownst to me was being recorded. I was quite calm all considered but was told by Andrew (op manager) to "vent to them that is what they were there for". I did express that I felt, particularly as a new business and the machines breaking down on my first fully booked day-and I lost SIGNIFICANT money that day, that I was owed some sort of compensation. Things happen, I understand that, my patients do not and I have to compensate, so in turn so should they. I got a call the next morning from their CEO Christopher Carlton and to say it was rude is an understatement. He literally started his conversation by telling me I insulted his staff on my 43 minute recorded conversation, then went on to say, as I told him I expected these machines (second breakdown) to be remedied IMMEDIATELY as well as receive compensation from them, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, I HAVE RUN FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES FLOATED ON THE NASDAQ, I HAVE DONE THIS, THAT AND THE OTHER THING" at which point I hung up the phone. I do not need a salesman to tell me of his glorious past, today he is CEO of Quanta and for that I was speaking to him. I wrote a strong email outlining my "achievements" stating that TODAY they were irrelevant and he subsequently, without apology, seemingly had a civil conversation with me. Over the next weeks I half jokingly said "giving my the Q Plus or an extended warranty of 5 years, considering how quickly they broke down, was what I considered fair compensation. I did not expect the Q Plus but if they had a damo laying around it would have been nice, I have all their other equipment practically. He also told me that a 5 year extended warranty was asking "way too much". I wrote several follow up emails and he claimed he was going to discuss a fair compensation with higher ups. I never got an answer, he called me two days ago to tell me that we were so far apart that he did not feel like offering compensation. NOTHING. He is arrogant, the salespeople are moody, and I find the company has yet to learn how to do business properly. I would not purchase from them again. To me customer service is almost more important than the machines, which are all very competitive, but Christopher Carlton certainly does not belong being CEO of a company trying to break into a market. I also found it peculiar that they sent me a VASER SHAPE--the former name, to replace my broken QUANTASHAPE, they do not even function the same. With QuantaShape we just turned it on and went, with the Vaser, which I had them change out to Quanta brand, the machine requires you hit repeat to sustain the heat. I cannot, in good faith, recommend doing business with them and unless, in which case I will update this, they come to me with a fair good faith offer of compensation for my losses I am never doing business with them again. Christopher's arrogance in itself was appalling.

12.17 | Registered CommenterAlexis DV

Hello, I have used the Sinon Ruby (Astanza Ruby) for a number of years as a supplement to Q Switched Yag and Pico Laser. It has been a powerful and reliable workhorse without a suggestion of an issue. I only found this post as a result of looking for another machine the same to see if they are still available.

I evaluated Astanza and chose to buy the quanta q+c 532,694,1064. The major criticism from Astanza was quanta is in one box - too much heat if one breaks they are call down. I had a problem it was fixed under warranty, it occurred and time went by. It was a minor issue. They fixed it when I reminded them much later. Under the warranty. My salesman was great, but left the co. If I had to do it over, I'd buy a used equipment with an extended warranty. When considering where to buy, service quality and price even for a tune up can be very expensive.

10.19 | Unregistered CommenterMike Hizme

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