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I'm looking to find medical spa software for my clinic. I've lurked for some time and come to value the opinions of the individuals who frequent these message boards. I'd like to know what medical spa software members use or recommend.

12.14 | Unregistered CommenterSgdo MD

SGDO: Try finding the web site for the ORCHID medspa software using Google. They have a demo disk online that you can try. It is very affordable and it will probably serve your needs. You can also upgrade to a LAN or WAN for a modest upcharge if you need to link several rooms and/or access the software from your home, etc.

we are using melenium software. It is somewhat complicated to use but once you figure it out it does a lot of things-inventory, gift certificates and you can link it to quick books etc. My staff had some trouble learning it but the suport has been good-we pay a monthly fee for this.

12.15 | Unregistered Commenterlaserdoc

I have heard good things about Millenium also - we plan to switch to that. I use ProSoloutions now and it's total crap. The software is bad and the support is even worse.

I have been looking for software for a while now.. I have Orchid but im not satisfied with it.. Has anyone hear about Envision Software?.. I did the demo and i liked a lot.. but i cant find too many reviews on it.


We use Envision MedSpa at my spa. I don't think that there is one solution that can successfully address all of the needs of a MedSpa (as most of the software present has derived from standard salon software).

But I feel at the moment, Envision has the best user interface and is very easy to use. The scheduling, Point of Sale, reporting is great. The thing that it lacks is the clinical notes aspect of it; don't thikn about keeping track of laser setting etc... (yes, even when they show you that screen that they've band-aided into the software - our doctor actually uses another EMR to hold all of his clinical info.)

I would definitely choose Envision over Orchid, MSpa, Millenium, ......... I would take a look at Patient Now.

Just a quick background on me...... I was a Management Consultant for 5 years before starting my MedSpa. I've helped corporations improve their processes. I spent a lot of time evaluating the software for MedSpa's before I settled on Envision.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Let me know your exact needs.

12.17 | Unregistered CommenterJBird

Thank you so much for your help!

We use Envision. When we bought it a few years ago when we started, we found it the best of the breed. Our recent scan of the market tells us there is no change. Having said that, as Jbird has mentioned, It lacks quite a few things we need now in retrospect. Now that we have matured, we have realized its shortcomings. For example, clinical notes (EMR) is severely lacking. Our MD also uses another EMR, and that makes data integration and compatibility a nightmare. We do a lot of marketing activities, and strong CRM functionality is lacking.

It is absolutely true that most software have evolved from salon software.

My background has been with EMR - 10 years. With Medical Spa, we believe it is the clinical documentation that is the starting point and therefore our bias to great clinical documentation.

I am beginning to Design on Paper a set of "Ideal Requirements". Once done, we will see if we can find a vendor.

If anyone wants to share ideas and brainstorm, please let me know. I intend to start my blog where I will document and publish my list.

Just read through all these notes. Has anyone looked at the MedSpa module from Nextech?

I have not looked at Nextech. Do you represent Nextech? I visited your site, it looks interesting.

they are all so expensive

10.14 | Unregistered Commenterdrco

Seriously check out Orchid Medical Spa software. It doesn't cost and arm and a leg, it provides very nice features, they're always launching enhancements, they solicit user requests, and their support staff s superb! I wouldn't use anything else in our spa.

I am a small office and I started using Rosy Spa Software.... it is all online from scheduling (clients can do on their own) to marketing. I am really liking it and especially the price, it is month to month fee and you can access your info from anywhere there is internet access. In starting out, I looked at all different options and they were so expensive. My thought on Rosy is for a reasonable price, I can figure out what I need and want when and if I decide to purchase software.

12.28 | Registered Commenterklearskin

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01.27 | Unregistered CommenterSin

Spa-Booker is great! Very low monthly cost - with no heavy up front price tag.. It's web-based, so you can have unlimited stations with no per-user license fees. Log in from anywhere. Very powerful, includes lots of reports, drag n drop scheduling, POS, CRM, Marketing, Gift Cards, online booking, Customers can create and print their own gift certificates, and everything else you need.

It's run by SpaFinder, so it will integrate Spa Finder gift cards and you can get integrated into the SpaFinder program too.

I've used it on 3 medispas that I've been involved with. Very happy!

Larry Smart

I am trying Vagaro on a 30 day trial. I will let you all know what I think. It has online capabilities, merchant account, gift cards too. $25 a month no contracts, cancel anytime. What I am liking about this is they have an iPhone app, and are nearly approved for an android app so when using your phone to check things it is a window specifically designed for the phone not just a web browser window. Like I said I will let everyone know when I have started playing with it more.

We recently tried the Orchid Spa Software. Beware. Upon speaking with the sales person, I told him we were planning to open our spa in 6 weeks. He advised me to purchase the software immediately, stating that it would take 2-3 months to receive it. The software arrived in 5 days. Once our spa opened, 6 weeks later, we loaded the software but did not start using until a few weeks after that due to the fact we had not had training through the company yet. Once we started using it, we realized it would not work the way it was presented. Our idea was to be paperless and be remote. In other words, our vision was that our RNs and Aestheticians could access patient information and history in the treatment rooms via the ipads we purchased to go with the software. Once we realized this was not a possibility, we contacted Daysmart (Orchid) and were told that they hoped to have that capability someday but it is not available at this time. I inquired about a return and refund or partial refund. I was told that there is a 30 day return policy. I explained that we were advised to purchase the software by their sales person 6 weeks prior to even opening and they only referred me to the 30 day policy. Consequently, we are out $3600 with no recourse. We have since tried another software, Nextech and are very happy with its performance. I do hope this post helps others who are considering the purchase.

anyone have any experience in creating a custom report in Salon Orchid... I want to adjust the report that shows the hours each employee has worked per day report to only show their own hours not everyones... can there be a way to only show the hours of the employee who is requesting the report? I am not an expert at the SQL coding.

05.19 | Unregistered Commenterkristin

I've recently done a ton of research on software and must say MD-Ware has an impressive product. Does anyone have any experience with them? They have an extremely comprehensive software and we're strongly considering using them. Anyone heard of them?

06.11 | Unregistered Commentersteven88

Zenoti is another choice to look at

With Zenoti, one can manage all aspects of their med spa business. Zenoti lets you create, manage, and store all types of electronic records and digital forms, including intake, consent, consultation, treatment, SOAP notes, and more.

Besides standard features like appointment management, online booking, membership management etc. Zenoti has advanced features like mobile front desk, analytics, annotations and demand pricing.

Pls. visit to learn more

PS: I work with Zenoti

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