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Medical Spa Business Forum > MediSpa business plan?

Hey everyone,

I am working with a group of primary care doctors that have some extra office space and are considering starting a Medical Spa. They already have a strong base of patients and the MediSpa would sort of be an adjunct to their existing practice. Unfortunately, I do not have any experience in MediSpas, and I was hoping that you guys that are established in the industry could help me with a few things:

- Could you point me in the direction of good material discussing general strategy for a MediSpa start-up (perhaps on this site)?

- Where is a good place to start? I've noticed that there are a number of MediSpa business plans available for purchase online. Are any of these worth buying? If so, is there a specific one that is recommended?

I'm very excited that this resource exists, and I look forward to your responses. Thanks

11.12 | Registered Commenterakanur01

what state are you in?

Dear AKANUR, How would you like us to respond to your questions? Do you want to provide an e-mail address?

We are in MA. Responses to would be much appreciated.

11.15 | Registered Commenterakanur01

Hi. I'm doing the same thing in TX. I have started working on my business plan and have a physician who is interested. If anyone has resoursec on Texas regulations in starting a medispa could you e-mail me the information? Thanks.

I am also a physician contemplating starting a medical spa/ weight loss. I have been working on finding a location and I finally did. I would like to know if there any other resources on texas laws, licensing, insurance,services...
thank you

I am looking to do the same in Wisconsin and will take any guidance I can get!

04.11 | Unregistered CommenterStephanie


Can you please share any information regarding Texas.

Thank you so much!

I hope this helps

Then click on state licensing on the home page

04.26 | Unregistered CommenterLloyd

I am a dermatologist in Asia and would like to start a MedSPA in my hometown.I will appreciate it very much if you can help me with me a business plan to start with.Thank you.
My email add:

03.16 | Registered CommenterTeresita

Hi, I am also interested in star up information for Texas. anyone with prior experience please give me some pointers. thank you in advance. email

03.17 | Unregistered CommenterAmy

Did anyone from Texas receive Amy info? I'm trying to figure out laws & regulations for working with a "medical director" and nit getting many answers! Any info would help!


05.21 | Unregistered CommenterBailie

I am looking for similar information in Kentucky. Would you please e-mail to

10.9 | Unregistered CommenterJill

I have relied heavily on the information AmSpa provides. They have each state's requirements available once you join their association. I'm a RN Injector in the Houston area currently SEEKING A MEDICAL DIRECTOR to partner with. As I'm developing my business plan, I have found their resources helpful. They are hosting a conference in Dallas in November which I plan to attend. I encourage you to check out their site!

I am also considering starting a Medical Spa. I am looking for any resources for general strategy for a MediSpa start-up, Medispa business plan resources, etc. My email is Thanks!

02.7 | Registered CommenterPJP

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