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Medical Spa Business Forum > Cosmetic EMR's: recommendations?

I am looking for a simple, inexpensive EMR program for clients receiving only botox and dermal fillers. I would like some basic management tools and database capabilities but nothing complicated. I have looked at NexTech but it is way too expensive. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Hi....I am a Physician Assistant and partner of Options Urgent Care & Wellness Center in Lake Jackson, Texas. We are a new start up business. We offer a wide variety of services and our Wellness Center houses our Med Spa. Therefore, over the last year, I have done extensive review of EHR and PM software, and have done about 25 demos. In response to your question, one in particular comes to mind. Octave Solutions, a retailer of the award winning PrognoCIS EMR (by Bizmatics), has developed a wellness module called Well Now, Wellness Center EMR, to go along with PrognoCIS. In fact, it will monitor inventory, marketing, clientele management. etc. You should look at their online demo. I amnot sure if they have one online for WellNow, but you can definitely do a live demo. Hope this helps.


We have Nextech. Very expensive. User unfriendly. High license fees. Poor support. Looks good, drives poorly! We are looking at changing !

04.5 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

FLAesthetics, have you found a good EMR yet? I am also looking into adding this to my practice. I'd love to hear your feedbacks in using this system. What are the advantages? Does this provide value? Or will it just slow down work flow?

going paperless in documenting is the way to go in a rapidly evolving industry. it may be rather exhausting on the part of health care providers. it takes a while to get a hang of this. but eventually, you'll see that documenting electronically outweighs it's disadvantages. so far, so good. i have emr in my practice. work transition is perfect.

07.6 | Unregistered Commenterjuris

We have had the software for almost 10 years. Its a love hate relationship from the beginning but over time it has gotten worse and worse over time.
1) I bought the software because back in 2007 it was the most comprehensive #EMR/#EHR out there but over the last 10 years there are lots of other options.
2) It was by bar the most expensive then and still the most expensive. I bought it because I figured yes it is expensive but so is a Bentley and if you want Bentley features and Bentley quality then you have to pay for a Bentley. Unfortunately that is not the case. Yes it is expensive but you get a software with LOTS of bugs and problems and lack of some very crucial features important to #cosmeticsurgery or #plasticsurgery practices. Their #EMR is useless out of the box and needs a ton of extra time and money to "customize." They have hundreds of "reports" most of which are not helpful but they lack some very basic important financial reports. There are constant malfunctions and issues and 10 years ago we could get tech support on the phone within minutes but over the last year or two the hold time to get a tech support on the phone is outrageous! Hold times are routinely 30 minutes or more! How can you run an office when you have an issue with a patient standing there and you have to wait 30-40 minutes to get someone on the phone. Ten years ago the tech support folks knew what they were talking about. Now a days after waiting 30-40 minutes the phone ends up disconnecting or the person you get has very rudimentary knowledge and cant solve your problem.
3) This company has always had a business model that charges a lot and charges frequently and charges practically for the air you breath. They split everything into "modules" making it sound like its great because you only buy the modules you need but the issue is you kind of need a few things from most of their modules. For example their appointment schedule module is separate than their appointment reminder feature so you have to pay for two modules! Then every year you have to pay an "annual support bill" that costs more than 80% of complete software packages out there! Yes, their ongoing support bill every year is more pricey than the up front cost of most companies.
There are more issues and more costs and more disappointments and more excuses but at the end of the day I would still be OK paying an arm and a leg IF the software worked properly and IF the access to the support which we pay so heavily for was timely and acceptable but you pay so much and end up pulling your hair out in frustration.
I have considered switching many times over the last 10 years. Problem is after spending so much up front and after spending so much every year with them you get stuck in a spot where switching makes little financial sense but now after all these other issues it is definitely time to switch. We will switch this year unless the company makes a MAJOR change in their business model. Which I doubt.

If you're looking for an EMR for injectables only, I would highly recommend Aesthetic Record. We trialed them and were huge fans but we do so much more than injectables and the charting for anything other than injectables is not ideal.

But for injectables only, I'd highly recommend it. And it's quite inexpensive to boot. Best of luck!

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