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2nd MD - Boarded US physicians work from anywhere.
Medical Justice
Relentlessly protecting physicians from frivolous lawsuits.

More control of your income, career, and lifestyle as a physician.

Medical Spa MD is a world-wide physician community for clinicians in skin clinics, laser centers and medspas with thousands of physician members around the world. By using this site you agree to our terms of service and fine print.

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More than 1.3 Million full page views in the last 12 months.

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Amazing Products & Services our Members want

To be included as a Medical Spa MD Select Partner, there has to be real value available to our world-wide community.

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All Select Partners offer reduced, exclusive pricing to Members. In some cases our Select Members will build out entire new websites to keep this pricing from their existing clients.

Fantastic Customer Service

Select Partners must provide exceptional customer service to Members. Medical Spa MD is an active community and Members can complain directly to us.


While we consider our Select Partners as just that, partners, our reputation comes first. When our Members buy from a Select Partner they know that we're standing behind that business.

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IPL & laser technology companies, service providers, publications, content providers and other businesses that sell to cosmetic medical practices and medical spas are partnering with Medical Spa MD to gain access to the tremendous buying power of our physician community. And our Members get special pricing and the trust that comes from the fact that Medical Spa MD stands behind every Select Member.

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