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Medical Spa MD Physician Report

Learn what's working in the business of cosmetic medicine, and what's not.

Free for Members: Which products sell best? Which treatments are most profitable? Which equipment manufacturers are recommended and which are not? We survey our physician members around the world to bring together all the valuable information, successes and failures; giving you an insider’s point-of-view to improve your business and your bottom line.
Our reports deep-dive into the important business tactics that you need to know, how to grow your business, which marketing and advertising tactics work, and how to hire, organize and manage your staff.
This report has information you just can't get anywhere else.
Chay Nelson MD

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What you'll find inside.

The reports are complied from surveys of cosmetic clinics around the world, an interview or case study, and an area for sponsors or select partners who wish to get in front of our Members and readers with their products and services. To begin, we reach out to not only our member base, but also other prominent doctors in our field.

Inside Medical Spa MD Physicians Report

What we ask.

It's incredibly difficult to unbiased information as a physician practicing cosmetic medicine wherever you are, but now you can find out what other physicians really think. Here are just some of the questions that the Physician Report answers:

  • What is the total income of your clinic or medical spa per month?
  • What percentage of your clinic's revenue is spent on your staff payroll?
  • How are the treatment providers (other than physicians) compensated in your clinic?
  • If you pay commission to staff on products or services, how is your commission structured?
  • What do you think about paying commissions to your staff?
  • What do you think about paying commissions on medical treatments?
  • How would you describe the level of competition in your market?
  • What percentage of your clinic's revenue is spent on marketing and advertising.
  • What are patients requesting that you don't offer?
  • How much is a new patient worth to you (in revenue) the first month?
  • How many new clients do you think that an average existing patient refers to you in a year?
  • What do you personally consider to be the most important tactic to generate revenue/sales for your practice?
  • What is the most effective marketing that you do?
  • What marketing have you put money or effort into that didn't work and that you'd never recommend?
  • What treatment is the most profitable for your clinic?
  • What treatments generate the most revenue for your clinic?
  • What technology manufacturer do you think has the worst reputation for customer service among other physicians?
  • If you could and one new technology or treatment, what would it be?
  • What technology manufacturer do you think has the best reputation for customer service among cosmetic physicians in general?

Outside Medical Spa MDs Physicians Report


Do you have a suggestion to improve our services or an idea for as research project you think we should be doing? Would you like to be interviewed, or sponsor a report? Please contact us.

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